How to Jump Start Your Ki-Energy!


Have you ever felt tired or exhausted? Here is a series of exercises to jump-start your Ki-energy!

In this modern day of high-energy-demand society, we need to effectively manage our Ki-energy expenditure. Otherwise, long-term energy drainage, energy imbalance or energy stagnation will inevitably result in health deterioration (1, 2). Three energy exercises below are designed to address this issue. 

This series of exercise is also effective in healing and health improvement. The following was a case in point. John, a 40 year old man, had severe Bradycardia for a year with frequent episodes twice a week. The symptoms lasted for about 72 hours. He had visited 5 physicians and received medication to reducebradycardia. However, there was not noticeable improvement of the condition. He then consulted an energy healer. Advice of managing one’s own  Ki-energy expenditure was given and practices of energy rejuvenation similar to the first exercise described below and sitting Energy Meditation were taught to John. John followed the instruction faithfully. Three weeks after the first consultation, “there was a big improvement”. The episode reduced to once every two weeks and it only last between 12 to 24 hours.  Currently, he got it about once a month and would be completely gone after he woke up from sleep. 

The exercises were designed by Lee and published in an article authored by Franny Heller Zorn (3).  “The first exercise generates Chi, the second balances it and the third facilitates it.”  This practice was also recommended as one of Reader Digest’s 37 Stress Management Tips from Experts (4). It is easy to learn and it is effective for managing your energy. “It does not require a lot of time. But it does demand total devotion of body, mind and spirit.” 

You can follow the instructions below to learn how to jump-start your Ki energy.  If you have any question about the exercise, please refer to the description in the article (See below) or leave comments.

Exercise 1: The Rejuvenator: Grand Ultimate Chi Gong—increase your energy level!

Standing in the Tai Chi posture with knees and head slightly bent*, placing palms facing each other in front of your body, eyes half closed, be aware of the Ki-energy between your palms. If you don’t feel Ki-energy, and then bring your palms closer to each other until you are aware of the warmth between your palms. Then gradually bring your palms apart, until you feel energy that is different from thermal sensation. If the energy activities are too strong, let the palms move away from each other. Within a minute or two, you will feel an increase in your energy level. Be one with your Ki-energy. The longer you practice, the more energy you will have. This exercise will rejuvenate your depleted energy.

Exercise 2:  The Calmer: Harmonization Chi Gong—balance your energy!

After you have done the first exercise for 3 to 5 minutes, your body will be quite relaxed, and then be aware of your breathing. As you exhale your body will contract and the palms will get closer to each other. As you inhale, the body will expand and the palms will move apart from each other. Be aware of your energy between your palms and around your body. The energy may be warm or cold, stronger or weaker. Be one with the breathing and the energy changes. The longer you practice the more will the energy become even and more balance. This exercise will restore the energy to a balance and equilibrium state.  

Exercise 3: The Energizer: Breathing Chi Gong—facilitate your energy flow!

At the end of exercise 2, without changing your posture, lower your hands to the side of your body. As you inhale, let your hands float up to your shoulder height, and then as you exhale, let your hands move out as though they are push out by your Ki-energy. As your hands are out straight, drop your wrists, then inhale. While you are inhaling, let the hands drop down. When the hands touch the trouser, exhale and let the hands drop all the way down. Repeat the sequences for 3 to 5 minutes. This exercise will facilitate your natural energy movement, and release your blocked energy.  

If you are tired, depleted or exhausted, practice these series of exercises to jump-start your energy. You can practice each one of them for as little as one minute or as long as you feel comfortable. The longer you practice, the more energy you will have. You are in fact depositing Ki to your “Energy Bank Account” for future use.

*You can also bend your knees as low as to about 45 degrees angle. However it may be too strenuous for some people.

1. Lee, Ching-Tse & Lei, Ting.  QiGong, a chapter in Essentials of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Edited by Wayne B. Jonas, M.D. and Jeffrey S. Levin, Ph.D., M.P.H. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1999, 392-409. 

2. Schwartz, Tony & McCarthy, Catherine. Manage your energy, not your time. On Managing Yourself. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2010, Pp. 61-78.

3. Zorn, Franny Heller. Chi Gong Ho. Longevity, 1994, Pp. 46-48, 84-86.

4. Castleman, Michael. 37 Stress Management Tips from the Experts. Reader’s Digest.










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