Ki Energy Healing: Jam Thumb


Jam Thumb can be treated effectively with Shaolin Treatment Methods based on Ki Theory. (少林氣的筋路調正療法: 大姆指扭傷)

Case study: 

LG, a sixty year old female, had a jam right thumb for more than four years. The rotational movement of the thumb was severely restricted (Video 1). The injury greatly affected her normal hand activities such as buttoning her blouses, opening jars, holding heavy objects etc. She had consulted several physicians in the past without noticeable improvement.

On January 6, she consulted an energy healer. After careful Ki examination, the healer located the misaligned ligaments. He applied Shaolin Ki Sinew Realignment Method for approximately 20 minutes. Soon after the treatment, the Right thumb movement improved (Video 2).

A week later, the improvement continued (Video 3).


少林氣的筋路調正療法: 大姆指扭傷


林氏是個60歲的婦女於四年多前扭傷右手大拇指,傷好後姆指轉動受阻, 只能轉小圈圈 (Video1),生活品質深受影響,其間也給許多醫生看過,但是一直沒治好。

今年一月六日見了一位氣療師,做了氣的診斷後,發現筋路受傷並移位,因此姆指轉動就被卡住,氣療師用了二十分鐘, 以少林手法調正筋路歸位後,姆指就可轉動如常 (Video 2)

一個禮拜後右姆指仍然活動如常 (Video 3)。