Ki Energy Healing: Sprain and Jam Finger and Toe


Sprain and jam finger and toe can be treated effectively with Shaolin treatment methods based on Ki theory .(少林筋路療法: 手指腳趾撞扭傷)

In early 90s, Emily and I jointed the commerce associations of New York and California and paid a visit to President Lee in Taipei (1). We hoped to offer some suggestions about government policy on oversea Taiwanese investment projects. During one of the bus tours of Taipei, one of my friends picked up the microphone and said that he had an important announcement to make. “I want to express my gratitude to Prof. Lee. He just healed the pain in my middle finger. It had bothered me for over thirty years. I jammed my finger in a ball game, when I was about 15 years of age. It had bothered me ever since. He fixed it in just a few minutes. I thank him for this great gift.”

My colleague at Brooklyn College, Prof. May D’Amato, once told the whole department that Ching had a pair of magic hands. I had healed her knee pain that had troubled her for more than 10 years, in one healing session. 

Actually the credits should not be attributed to me. It is the Shaoling Ki treatment methods that fill the gap of current sport medicine.

After the jammed or sprained finger, toe or joint are treated, the swelling is gone and the pain subsided, in some cases, the function of injured area is not completely recovered. The range of motion may be restricted. Discomfort or pain may be felted, when the finger, toe or joint moves to a certain angle. For some individuals, the discomfort may nmanifest a great deal, when it rains.

Frequently, this is because of the fact that sinews of injured area were out of the alignment during the injury. The misaligned sinews would cause a blockage in Ki circulation, resulted in discomfort and pain. As martial artists are well aware of the fact that during sparring joint injuries are very common. Thus, Shoaling monks over centuries have developed sophisticated treatment methods to deal with this type of health problems. Acupressure, herbal prescriptions, and other treatment modalities are handed down to the present days (2, 3).

Two cases are presented here to illustrate the effectiveness of Shaoling treatments.

Case 1 – Finger 手指頭: A friend of mine had injured her fourth finger of her left hand for many years. It is out of shape, couldn’t stretch straight (photo 1). She had been under the care of several physicians and finally learned to live with it. After one healing session, her finger was back to normal (photo 2).  

Photo 1: 治療前 Before
Photo 2: 治療後 After

Case 2 – Toe : A young man, a surgeon himself, sprained his left toe after missing a step and broke two small bones last August. Inflammation and swelling were still visible, similar to what it was soon after the injury, when I saw him last December (photo 3). 

Photo 3: 治療前 Before
Photo 4: 治療後 After

A week after treated with the Shaoling healing art, the toe was fine (photo 4).

1. During the meeting with President Lee,  I suggested that diplomatic officers should take introductory courses in, I Ching, Tao Te Ching, Art of War by Sun Tz.  Many of the diplomats in White House Circle feel that these philosophical thoughts are common sense of Taiwanese diplomats. One of my friends attended a dinner party some years back and was asked about the meaning of one of the oracles in I Ching. He was so embarrassed, since he did not have any idea about what he was asked. Soon after he came back from the party, he bought several books in English and studied them intensively, just not to be caught in the same situation again.

2. I learned the healing arts from Mr. G. S. Lin, a Shaolin master, the owner of Bamboo Forest Martial School. According to Shaolin theory, Ki circulates in the sinew system. If the system is injured or out of alignment, Ki will be blocked and thus, result in ailments. To restore the health, sinews need to be treated and realigned. The final touch of the healing is to make sure that Ki flow is back to normal.

*DISCLAIMER: The information in this website is strictly for your reference only. Any action you take on this information is at your own risk. We will not be liable for any injury, damage or loss based on the use of information in our website.


少林氣的筋路療法: 可治手指腳趾撞扭傷



我在紐約市大的布魯克林學院服務的時候,同事M. D’Amato教授也跟其他同事說-李教授有雙”魔手”,因為我只花幾分鐘就把她十幾年的膝蓋痛症治好!







Photo 1: 治療前 Before
Photo 2: 治療後 After



Photo 3: 治療前 Before
Photo 4: 治療後 After



2. 傳自林久雄先生,竹林國術館主,現已歇業。少林跌打醫術主張氣走筋路,筋路受傷氣血循環不順必有病症,筋路治療好,病才能完全痊癒。它有一套矯筋路的手法,並有檢視氣運行通暢與否的方法 (台灣民間智慧-一-接骨師、矯骨師/)。

3. 杜自明: 中醫跌打骨科。香港: 太平書局,1965。

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